Why Counselling?

There are many reasons why you might need a bit of emotional support to get back on track:

• Experiences in our childhood have a huge effect on how we lead our lives as adults, but we can be unaware of the impact. We push things down we don’t want to look at, as they are too painful, but they can come out in some other way to adversely affect the way we live. That’s why we sometimes keep making the same mistakes. If we feel safe to talk about our lives we can become aware of these patterns and choose to make changes if we want to. 

• Loss is part of the fabric of everyday life, it may not be the loss of someone we love, but the loss of health, loss of hope, loss of innocence, loss of a loving relationship. Grief is so debilitating and painful and it’s hard to believe you can ever feel whole again.

• You may find it hard even getting up in the morning and life feels pointless and depressing.

• You may be struggling with feelings of hopelessness, can’t see any meaning in life, this can lead to feelings of suicide, but suicide is a permanent solution to what may well be a temporary problem.

• You may need to make life changes but don’t know how. Talking things through can make things clearer. It’s often when we need to make those important decisions that we are feeling too emotional to feel safe to do so.

• You may just need to tell your story to someone who wants to listen so you can make sense of what’s been going on for you, have a witness to the struggles in the past and a listening ear to help you move forward.

Counselling is very much a two way relationship and it’s important to make a strong connection. I think of it as sharing part of your journey, walking beside you for a moment in time, in the hope it will enable you to feel safe and held during your difficult moments, and give you the internal strength to continue along the way.